‘Tis the Season: Original Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion:

bunchwelunchwith037 I’ve worked with many pet photographers and Mariah Hilton of Bunch We Lunch With Pet Photography is like no other. No unnatural poses or sterile studios here; her motto is ‘as they are in the play yard’.  She has a unique talent for appreciating the individual personality of each dog she works with and when combined with her artistic eye, the results are pictures that celebrate the inner dogginess of each subject and somehow tell a story that goes beyond the two-dimensional.

Kali and I have done two shoots with Mariah and had so much fun each time I was a little sad when it was over. For whole galleries of inspiration and booking information, go to http://bunchwelunchwith.ca/blog/ . Be sure to read the poetic posts that accompany each shoot making it extra special!


2. For the Book Lover

Nothing says pure Joy like a smiling, happy dog! Dogjoy is a delightful  compilation of pictures and stories from The Bark magazine’s Smiling Dog contest which you can personalize by putting your own dog on the cover. I just this morning received my own copy with Kali’s super big goofy grin smiling back at me from the cover and I haven’t  stopped smiling since!! A special keepsake for any dog lover. Order at: http://thebark.com/store/dogjoy



3. For the Outdoor Enthusiast

freehands2For many of us nothing says winter fun like a romp in fresh snow with our dogs. The only downside is freezing  hands when you have to remove your gloves to handle leashes, phones, treats and poop bags. Freehands puts an end to frozen fingers by designing a glove that affords some dexterity without having to sacrifice your whole hand. Available in a variety of styles for both men and women, order yours at: http://www.freehands.com/categories/Collections/




4. For the  Information Junkie

WDJ1I’ve subscribed to the Whole Dog Journal for over a decade and always appreciate the unbiased (i.e. not advertising dollar-driven) information on canine health, nutrition and behaviour in each issue. Their food and product reviews alone are worth the very reasonable subscription fee.

Find out more about this great publication at: http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/




5. For the True Spirit of Christmas…

logo rescueWith so many dogs in need of good homes, donations to rescue organizations are a thoughtful and much needed gift. My personal favourite is Speaking of Dogs; a local group that has been doing incredible work fostering and finding forever homes for displaced dogs for over 10 years. They are always in need of supplies (beds, leashes, toys, food) as well as financial assistance to cover veterinary costs for the dogs in their care.

Consider a gift that will truly make a difference. To arrange a donation, go to: http://www.speakingofdogs-donate.blogspot.com/


Happy Holidays!