About Caroline

A Passion For Dogs

Caroline’s passion for animals started at a young age and with Dr Doolittle, James Herriot and Jane Goodall as her childhood heroes, she set her sights on becoming a veterinarian.

But as they say, life is what happens when you are making other plans and in her first semester of a biology program at McGill University, she took an animal behaviour elective and switched tracks to specialize in Ecology, Evolution and Animal behaviour.

The path to launching Raising Rover in 2005

Four years of studying raptors, whales and everything in between and your trainer-to-be veered slightly off-course to become a financial advisor on Bay St.

While this path provided a great entrepreneurial training ground it never felt like the right fit so when her parents adopted a beautiful handful of a puppy a few years later she had her second lightbulb moment and decided to work with dogs.

After a 2-year mentorship program with one of the city’s leading training schools and evenings and weekends dedicated to learning as much as she could from leading experts in canine behaviour, Caroline became Toronto’s first Board Certified trainer in 2004 and with her dog Kali by her side she left Bay St to launch Raising Rover in 2005.

Raising Rover now

The field of dog behaviour and cognition was barely recognized at the time but has rapidly grown and now Canine Cognition labs at major universities are now the norm. 20 years of experience has only fuelled Caroline’s passion for learning and she still spends her free time taking courses to stay at the forefront of the field, taking pride in bringing her clients the very best approaches.

Kali passed after a rich lifetime of lessons and memories (you can read her story HERE) and Caroline now shares her life with Rookie the cat and a Cairn Terrier named Harry. Both rescues, they are not only eager training students but important teachers.

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Committed to staying at the forefront of the dog behaviour and training field

List of courses completed
Canine Health Seminar: Thyroid Disorders
Dr Jean Dodds
Sugar, Serotonin and Schmackos: Raw Food and Canine Behaviour
Dr Nick Thompson
Canine Health Seminar: Vaccine-Related Issues
Dr Jean Dodds
What a Pithy: Making Classes Memorable
Kathy Sdao
Dog Aggression – What Do We Really Know?
Dr Lisa Radosta
Social interactions between dogs and humans
Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
Happy Crating! Crating as a Life Skill
Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
Managing a Skills Class – Ways to Create Success in the Classroom
Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
Keeping Safe – How to Handle Aggression Cases
Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
Expanding Your Business with Niche Classes
Teoti Anderson
Knowing Your Limits – Effective Boundary Training
Barbara Davis
Basic Behavioral Neuroanatomy
Dr Lore Haug
Introduction to Neurobiology of Behavior & Learning Part I
Dr Lore Haug
Introduction to Neurobiology of Behavior & Learning Part II
Dr Lore Haug
Virtual Consults
Katenna Jones
Real Resolution: Analyzing and Solving Behavior in Dogs
Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
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