Separation Anxiety Program

Separation Anxiety Program - Raising Rover

If your dog is stressed when left alone or even just when their special person leaves they may be suffering from separation anxiety.

That can look different for different dogs; some get destructive or vocal when anxious while others may experience less obvious signs of anxiety like pacing or panting but that doesn’t mean that they are less stressed.

So just because the neighbours aren’t complaining, doesn’t mean your dog is doing well.

This can also be very stressful for the human end of that relationship – worrying about your best friend when you leave or, if you have already minimized leaving, you might be worrying about all the things you aren’t getting done outside of the house. I’ve been there and it’s hard.

The good news is that the success rate for treatment is generally high!

The less good news is that designing and working through a customized plan with a private trainer can be costly. And there can be a considerable wait time to get to work with qualified behaviour professionals.

Both of these factors can get in the way of you and your dog being able to get good guidance when you need it.

But I have a solution for you:

The Do-It-Yourself Separation Anxiety Program was created by a world-renowned veterinary behaviourist and includes 20 dynamic and easy to follow video modules that will guide you through each stage of your separation anxiety journey.

You will learn:

As a Program Affiliate, I’m intimately familiar with each and every step so if you do hit one of the plateaus or regressions that are sometimes common in treatment, I can offer discounted mini coaching calls for additional support. And you can put the money you save into a good dog sitter in the short term or maybe just some treats – for both of you 😊

Or feel free to Get In Touch if you have any questions.