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Research has shown that positive, reward-based training works best and results in a stronger bond.
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Positive reinforcement dog training and behaviour consulting services in Toronto.
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Professional Dog Training

Why Choose Us
Raising Rover is the only school in Toronto to offer a unique combination of education, qualifications and experience. Positive reinforcement-based programs – offered both online and in person – provide effective solutions for all your training needs. We are committed to client service and it’s our pleasure to make your training experience an enjoyable one.


Caroline Applebee holds a B.Sc. in Biology from McGill University with a specialization in Animal Behaviour and became Toronto’s first Board Certified Professional Dog Trainer in 2004 through the CCPDT.

Results Driven

Offering group classes as well as private training options, both in person and online, Raising Rover is committed to tailoring an approach to best meet your needs and provide the ongoing support to ensure you are successful.


Research shows that reward-based approaches to training are not only more effective, they carry less risk of behavioural fallout such as anxiety and aggression issues and it’s just more fun for both the dogs and their people!

What We Do

Puppy Training & Socialization

Raising Rover’s popular Puppy Head Start program is designed to provide pups between 9-16 weeks with the best possible start in life. Whether you prefer a fun and supportive group class, a fully customized private training experience or self-study option, program emphasis is on proper approach to socialization, problem prevention and introduction to good manners. You’ll have the roadmap and expert coaching to raising a dog who is a joy to live with and able to go anywhere life may take you! Consider it a behaviour vaccine for your pup!

Raising Rover - Puppy Training Classes
Raising Rover - Private Dog Training and Coaching

Adolescent Dog Training

This unique program is aimed at levelling up those puppy foundations while specifically addressing the challenges of living with teenage dogs. So If that sweet pup who hung on your every word has already developed a case of selective hearing OR you’ve recently finished puppy class and are wanting to ensure those early lessons develop into reliable real life manners this program will help you navigate the teenage stage with confidence!

Fearful, reactive dogs

This flagship program is designed to help fearful and barky or lungey dogs and their people navigate the world together with confidence. Drawing on the most current wisdom and tools from the field of canine science and best practices in coaching and combining these with over 2 decades of experience working AND living with these sensitive dogs to create a program that is guaranteed to set you and your dog up for success.

Fearful reactive dogs - Raising Rover

Private One-on-One Tutoring for Dog Training & Behaviour Modification

Not everyone wants to be a dog trainer or has the time needed to get results. Let me help you with the heavy lifting!  A private tutoring option where I will work with your dog in their own environment and then teach you how to maintain the skills learned can really give a turbo boost to any training program. Get in touch to book a complimentary discovery call to discuss the right program for you!

Raising Rover - Private Dog Training

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