Puppy Life Skills

Set your puppy up for success!

Ensure your puppy grows into the best dog he can be with Toronto’s most unique socialization program, designed to prepare your puppy for life in the REAL WORLD.

Our unique positive reinforcement based fusion-program allows you to get started on safe socialization with virtual classes as soon as your pup arrives! Then join a separate puppy social when you’re ready!

Puppies who have had the benefit of safe and effective early socialization are less likely to have fear, anxiety and/or aggression problems as adults. Studies show that the critical socialization window starts to close as early as 5 weeks for some breeds and is completely closed for most breeds between 12 and 14 weeks. Waiting until your puppy has had all of their vaccines will result in missing this critical developmental window.

According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB), early socialization of puppies before they are fully vaccinated should be the standard of care.

Puppy Life Skills goes beyond the basics and covers these important aspects of early socialization and education:
What to do about biting and chewing! (aka why puppies are cute!)
How to build your pup’s confidence around new People, Objects, Obstacles, Places and Sounds
Teaching your puppy to be relaxed with handling and grooming
Preventing possessive behaviour
Teaching your puppy to be attentive to you
Good manners: say Hello politely (sit), walking on a loose leash, station training (go to mat, down, down-stay)
Safety skills: Emergency stop, Impulse control (Leave it), Coming when called
You’ll also learn what good play looks like and know when to intervene
Our separately run puppy socials feature expertly supervised and narrated play sessions to ensure your puppy can explore play safely and positively

What Makes Us Puppy Experts

Staying on top of the latest research on how puppies learn
20 years of experience addressing behaviour problems
A program specifically aimed to prevent the most common problems people experience down the road. Think of it as a Behaviour Vaccine for your puppy!

Raising Rover was the first qualified, credentialed and truly positive reinforcement based trainer in Toronto and has earned a professional reputation based on trust and dedication to dogs and their humans. It’s why we are the #1 recommended trainer by VCA Canada Toronto-based hospitals.

We offer online training and virtual consultations for behaviour issues!