Our Most Popular Packages


Not everything can be solved in one lesson, but for some problems like remedial housetraining, a new rescue or separation anxiety you just need a solid plan to start with.   $175


Set up for success! Whether you’re a first timer or maybe just haven’t had a puppy in a while, the Prep lesson will get you and your house ready for your new furry bundle of joy. The one hour lesson covers a shopping list, puppy proofing your home, what to do with those baby gates, introducing the crate, getting through the first nights,  a daily schedule and early housetraining plan. $150


Get off to the right start with the Puppy Primer- 2 one-hour lessons covering all the early priorities of puppy raising: crate training, housetraining,  early socialization, puppy biting and chewing, introducing leash and collar, daily routine, setting smart precedents and problem prevention as well as some introductory skills training (time permitting).  Great for both first time puppy parents as well as experienced dog owners. $300


The perfect follow up to the primer, Puppy Head Start includes 5 one hour lessons to  get  you and your  puppy started on all the basic necessary life skills – greetings, walking, coming when called,  leave it, drop, go to your bed, stay.  $750


Have a basically good dog who just needs a little fine tuning in a few areas? The Tune Up is a series of 3 one-hour lessons to help you get back on track. Suited for  coming when called, counter surfing, recall, walking politely on leash, doorway manners, jumping up, preparing Rover for baby’s arrival  – $500


Some behaviours are more complex and successful modification requires more in depth work.  Separation anxiety, fear based behaviour, food/toy guarding, leash aggression, and more comprehensive basic manners are better suited to a personalized plan which may also include one-on-one work (see day training below). Packages start at 5 hours – $800 (10 hours – $1500)


Better than boot camp! Raising Rover understands that not everyone wants to be a dog trainer or has the time needed to get results. We will work with your dog in their own environment and then teach you how to maintain the skills learned. Minimum: 10 hours – $1250 – please inquire for the most suitable package for you and your dog.

All fees subject to hst and include:

  • travel time to you
  • detailed and fully customized lesson notes for each lesson
  • consultations with your vet and other service providers (groomers, walkers, day-care operators) where applicable
  • phone/email support for 3 months.