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Online Puppy Head Start Socialization Class

Did you know that playing with other dogs and meeting new people is only ONE small part of a thorough socialization program? For 20 years, Raising Rover has been helping new Puppy Parents ensure that their furry little bundles of joy get the best possible start in life with a complete guide to socialization as well as an introduction to basic manners.

The online version brings the same trusted expertise and experience as well as  offers some distinct advantages to in person programs:

Start right away, no need to wait for vaccinations.

Group program includes private coaching time time for a fully supported experience.

Group classes are held once weekly on Zoom – no need to worry about traffic or parking.

Learn and work with your puppy in a distraction-free zone. You’ll get expert coaching on how to properly socialize your pup naturally. No need to struggle through the highly distracting and over-stimulating environment of an in-person class.

Pups get to hone their attentiveness skills before needing to put them to use in more challenging environments.

This is a LIVE class, run like an interactive webinar with video demonstrations, question periods, and brief breakout sessions to practice exercises and get feedback.

No limit on the number of people that can attend!

Dress for comfort and bring your favourite beverage – this is a judgement free zone!

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Online Private Training and Behaviour Modification

Whether you’re looking for guidance on  how best to prepare for a puppy’s arrival, helping a new rescue settle in,  build confidence and learn some manners  or wanting to address more challenging behaviours such as resource guarding, separation anxiety or  leash reactivity, Raising Rover has the experience to tailor the right online learning approach for you, with a few added benefits to help set you up for success:

Video sharing between lessons can help clarify material and fine-tune approach in a timely way.

Shorter lessons times enable a narrower focus for each lesson, covering specific tasks and building on success. Clients feel less overwhelmed with a lot of info all at once and truly able to take things one step at a time.

More flexibility in scheduling without having to factor in travel means you get the support you need when you need it.

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