Puppy Manners

Ensure your puppy grows into the best dog he can be.

The only program of it’s kind for puppies 9 – 16 weeks of age!

Raising Rover offers a unique, results-driven program to help your dog become a model canine citizen outside of class. Class modules are designed to prepare your puppy for life in the real world with practical advice for real dog owners. Each module focusses on setting you and your pup up for success in a specific environment:

  • Foundation: how dogs learn and communicate, attentiveness, ‘park your puppy’ (settle on a mat), sit to say please, preventing possession issues
  • In the kitchen: prevent counter surfing, begging, food guarding
  • On a walk:  wait at doorways, loose leash walking, leave it, good greetings
  • At the vets or groomers: enjoy handling and nail trims, ear cleaning, brushing and bathing
  • At the park: proper on leash greetings, off leash play, coming when called
  • When visiting or entertaining: leave it on the coffee table, doorway manners, settle on bed

Also included:

  • How to teach good bite inhibition
  • Closely supervised and managed play sessions to ensure your puppy can socialize safely and positively
  • Narrated play sessions to help owners become experts on what is healthy play and when to intervene.
  • A detailed plan and tools necessary to achieve Good Socialization to people, dogs, objects and sounds.
Maximum class size: 6 puppies. Classes sell out well in advance so be sure to register early!

Wondering when is the best time to start puppy class?

Click here to read the American Society of Veterinary Behaviourists’ official position statement.