Clicker Tricks

Looking for some new challenges and ways to have fun with Rover? Try our Clicker tricks class!

Using the same training methods employed by humane dolphin and horse trainers, clicker training offers a unique and exciting way to communicate with Rover. The ‘click’ sound lets your dog know exactly when they’ve got the right answer and is a powerful way to speed up learning and help Rover develop more ‘problem-solving’ skills.

Whether you’ve got an under-motivated dog or one in need of having his ‘creativity’ channelled into more positive pursuits, this class is guaranteed to create a more enthusiastic student out of Rover.

dog doing a high fiveGo beyond basics with tricks like:

  • Back Up
  • Identify toys/people by name
  • Say what? (tilt your head on cue)
  • Give a kiss
  • Take a Bow
  • Weave through my legs
  • High Five
  • Touch (with your nose)
Includes your own clicker!