Group Classes

Line of dogs looking downDo you dream of having a dog who walks nicely at your side, comes when you call and will leave the garbage on the sidewalk where he found it just because you asked him to?
At Raising Rover our positive reinforcement based approach and cutting edge programs go beyond basic obedience to ensure that you and your dog are successful out in the real world. You’ll not only learn the basic commands but how and when to use them and how to set your dog up for success.
Have a brand new puppy and want to give them a head start in life? Check out our veterinary-recommended Puppy Manners Class.
Our Life Skills class is perfect for puppy’s next steps as well as for the newly adopted older dog.
Looking for new ways to have fun and bond with your dog? Enroll in Nose Games or Clicker Tricks.
Other classes may be available too, visit our schedule and fees page to find times and dates for upcoming classes!