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Raising Rover - How to Prevent Separation Anxiety - Corporate Webinar

Preventing Separation Anxiety

As employees are being called back into the office, many will be leaving their dogs at home alone for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Whether these are pandemic puppies or dogs who were used to a work routine in the past but have lost those skills, the sudden change in routine is likely to result in Separation Related Distress disorders for many.

In more severe cases the fallout goes well beyond the heartbreaking effect on the dog, it’s stressful for owners who feel they can’t leave, often results in complaints from neighbours and threat of eviction for those living in shared spaces and it can be expensive to treat. The good news is that with the right tools, it is generally preventable.

This one hour LIVE presentation empowers pet-parents with the super-skills and an actionable plan to prevent problems so that they can return to the office with the peace of mind of knowing that their dogs aren’t suffering at home.

Here is what a recent client had to say!

As we transition out of the pandemic and into hybrid work, many of our employees were wondering how to help their dogs adjust to being home alone after a long, close bonding period. Caroline provided an informative and interactive session that helped everyone feel more reassured, and she provided a wealth of tips and tricks to make the transition successful! The team here feels much more confident after learning from Caroline. I highly recommend the "Preventing Separation Anxiety" for any organization that is navigating a return to work.
Cheri Mungham Jiwani (she/her)
People Team Coordinator
HelloFresh Canada