What to do if your dog gets car sick

You’ve seen those dogs riding in cars – head stretched out the window, ears flapping in the wind and an expression of pure joy on their face. Yet your young dog has to be physically forced into the car and once inside is a drooling, barfing picture of misery. Car sickness can be a common problem for […]

Baby it’s cold outside! Top 5 tips for keeping your dog active in winter

Between sub-zero temperatures and an abundance of salt on city sidewalks, keeping your dog physical and mentally stimulated can be challenging in winter. It may be tempting to camp out in front of the fire until the spring thaw but a lack of activity for your four legged pal can lead to more destructive behaviour, weight gain, […]

How to socialize a puppy: top 10 tips

Here are a few real life examples of responses from new puppy parents when asked about plans to socialize their new puppy: “My vet/breeder told me not to socialize my puppy until he’s had all his shots” “I have another dog at home so my puppy is getting socialized” “Our puppy goes to the dog park. He is sometimes afraid of bigger dogs […]

How to choose a dog-walker

Of all the questions I get, the toughest may just be ‘can you recommend a good dog walker?’ In an ideal world, everyone would make the time to take their dogs out daily for some play and/or a walk together.  A dog walker isn’t a replacement for this but can be  a great help in […]

Teaching your puppy to share – preventing possession issues

I was commiserating with a client last week over the number of ball-thieving dogs out there whose owners are unable to get the ball back. I admit, it’s mildly amusing to watch them chase their dog around in vain before shrugging helplessly, but mostly it’s annoying for those of us who rely on retrieving activity […]