Pot legalization: what it means for our dogs

The legalization of recreational pot this week in Canada caused quite a buzz (no pun intended). And for pet owners the news may be even more exciting as legalization has paved the way for the first Health Canada-approved clinical trial on the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) in treating anxiety in pets. But if statistics are […]

What to do if your dog gets car sick

You’ve seen those dogs riding in cars – head stretched out the window, ears flapping in the wind and an expression of pure joy on their face. Yet your young dog has to be physically forced into the car and once inside is a drooling, barfing picture of misery. Car sickness can be a common problem for […]

How to choose a dog-walker

Of all the questions I get, the toughest may just be ‘can you recommend a good dog walker?’ In an ideal world, everyone would make the time to take their dogs out daily for some play and/or a walk together.  A dog walker isn’t a replacement for this but can be  a great help in […]

The thunder-phobic dog: tips for weathering the storm

 Fear of thunderstorms can be incredibly stressful on both the dogs who suffer from it and the people who live with them. Symptoms can      range from mild panting to hours of uncontrollable trembling. In severe cases, mounting panic can cause some dogs to claw and chew their way through walls or jump high […]

Living with dogs: tips for the holidays

  This can be a confusing time for pets with new smells, guests and strange new things in the house. The last thing you want is to spend Christmas day at the Emergency Vet Clinic. Here are some basic tips to make sure everyone in the family enjoys a safe and happy holiday:     […]

The Not-Ok Corral: how to stay safe at the dog park

I don’t like dog parks. I don’t mean big open green spaces – Kali and I explore these on a daily basis.That’s her in the picture at one such park, sharing a stick and a goofy grin with her handsome friend Buffett. I’m referring to the fenced-in-designated-off-leash-zones or ‘corrals’ that are popular in this city […]

Learning from the Denver Anchor Dog Bite Incident

Last week a Denver news anchor was bitten in the face by a dog during a live interview with a firefighter who had recently rescued the dog from icy waters. The injury required reconstructive surgery and our hearts go out to her as we wish her a smooth and speedy recovery. Watching the news clip […]

Top 5 tips for a safe Halloween

Halloween can be a stressful time for our pets at home. Here are the top 5 tips to make sure everyone has a fun and safe holiday!!  The hazards of chocolate are well known but other dangers lurking in those sweet treats include raisins and anything with the artificial sweetener Xylitol. Store treats to be handed […]

How Cool is Your Dog? Top 5 Tips for Summer Safety

  1. Never leave Rover in a parked car. Not even with the windows open. On a mild summer day (22˚C), the interior of your car can reach almost 40˚C in just 10 minutes. Dogs can suffer brain damage, organ failure and death at body temperatures of 40˚C or higher. Be a responsible citizen; if […]