Praise vs Treats: You might be feeding but are you reinforcing?

You don’t have to be a behaviour geek like me to have heard of a recent study that proclaimed dogs preferred praise over treats. If you haven’t, the following article from The Bark magazine by noted Applied Animal Behaviourist Karen B. London explains it best: So is it true? The answer is: It depends. Let’s start by clearly […]

training with treats: facts and fallacies

OH BOY!!!  THE TREAT LADY IS HERE!! Throw in an adorable four-footed furry wiggle-wagging at my feet and you have a pretty good picture of a typical greeting when I arrive at client’s homes.   We should all be so lucky to get such a warm reception every time we show up for work!  But […]

The Art of Kong Stuffing

Kong stuffing as art form? Really??? Absolutely. This wonderful stuff-able little rubber toy has transformed many a dog’s life. Almost  every pet store carries it. Many informed dog owners have one. But not everyone uses it to it’s maximum benefit. Here is how you can turn that unassuming little rubber cone into a most-treasured prize […]

What’s REALLY for dinner: understanding dog food labels

If any good came of the tragedies that prompted the 2007 pet food recalls it’s that people became a little more discerning about what was going into Rover’s dish. Unfortunately pet food manufacturers don’t always make it easy to make good choices and many are just plain misleading. To identify a good quality food, you have […]