Pot legalization: what it means for our dogs

The legalization of recreational pot this week in Canada caused quite a buzz (no pun intended). And for pet owners the news may be even more exciting as legalization has paved the way for the first Health Canada-approved clinical trial on the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) in treating anxiety in pets. But if statistics are […]

Canine enrichment: top 10 tips for a happier, healthier and better behaved dog

Enrichment is about providing mental and sensory stimulation to enhance your dog’s physical and psychological health. At the very least, an enriched environment aims to prevent boredom and stress but in the case of our dogs, it’s also about finding and sharing in what gives your dog joy. Why does it matter? Considering that the symptoms […]

Praise vs Treats: You might be feeding but are you reinforcing?

You don’t have to be a behaviour geek like me to have heard of a recent study that proclaimed dogs preferred praise over treats. If you haven’t, the following article from The Bark magazine by noted Applied Animal Behaviourist Karen B. London explains it best: https://thebark.com/content/study-dogs-preferences-praise-versus-treats. So is it true? The answer is: It depends. Let’s start by clearly […]

What to do if your dog gets car sick

You’ve seen those dogs riding in cars – head stretched out the window, ears flapping in the wind and an expression of pure joy on their face. Yet your young dog has to be physically forced into the car and once inside is a drooling, barfing picture of misery. Car sickness can be a common problem for […]

Separation Anxiety in dogs

Having a dog with separation anxiety is heartbreaking and stressful. Unfortunately it’s also not uncommon. Some dogs experience true separation anxiety where they are so closely bonded to their human that they can’t cope when that person leaves, even if there are other people around. More prevalent is isolation distress in which a dog can tolerate their main human’s absence […]

Kali: the evolution of a Heart Dog

You may have heard people describe a dog, past or present, as their Heart Dog. You may have had one yourself. It’s a term used to describe that ONE special dog in someone’s life, a canine soul-mate so to speak. Kali was very much my Heart Dog. But was it something pre-ordained or was it a […]

Baby it’s cold outside! Top 5 tips for keeping your dog active in winter

Between sub-zero temperatures and an abundance of salt on city sidewalks, keeping your dog physical and mentally stimulated can be challenging in winter. It may be tempting to camp out in front of the fire until the spring thaw but a lack of activity for your four legged pal can lead to more destructive behaviour, weight gain, […]

How to socialize a puppy: top 10 tips

Here are a few real life examples of responses from new puppy parents when asked about plans to socialize their new puppy: “My vet/breeder told me not to socialize my puppy until he’s had all his shots” “I have another dog at home so my puppy is getting socialized” “Our puppy goes to the dog park. He is sometimes afraid of bigger dogs […]

Counter-attack! What to do when your dog counter-surfs

Stealing  from counters is a common complaint, not always limited to large dogs. I’ve known more than a few crafty small dogs who found their way onto the middle of the breakfast table! It’s an annoying habit and potentially expensive if your Sunday roast gets pinched, but it can also be dangerous if Rover steals […]

Good reads: top 5 books for dog lovers

Nothing like a long and cold winter to get caught up on reading! So many books on dogs – which ones are worthwhile? Out of curiosity I looked at the best seller list of some popular online retailers and what is most popular is not necessarily what is best. Choosing just 5 books was next […]