Advanced Life Skills

Graduate of CLASS

Ever feel a little frustrated with your dog’s behaviour or envious when you see a well behaved dog? With Advanced Life Skills, you and your dog can build on early puppy lessons and  be the envy of the neighbourhood!

As always, we take a positive reinforcement approach and provide practical behaviour solutions for REAL LIFE success!

We know you love your dog and believe training shouldn’t be about fear or pain. Come learn how to teach your dog to want to behave while enhancing the bond between you. As a bonus we think you’ll enjoy these bragging rights:

 My dog…

  •  Leaves gross things on the sidewalk alone
  • Walks beside me and checks in with me often
  • Listens to me because he thinks I am wonderful, not because he is afraid not to
  • Greets people politely without putting his paws all over their clean pants.
  • Comes to me when I ask him to and doesn’t make me chase him around the park for 15 minutes before leaving or run around the backyard in my bathrobe trying to catch him
  • Stays on a mat beside me while I am eating.
  • Drops whatever I ask him to.
  • Trusts me to keep him safe and waits for me to give him the OK before eating, going out the front door and getting out of the car
  • Passes other dogs on the street without causing a major scene

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