‘Tis the Season: Original Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion:  I’ve worked with many pet photographers and Mariah Hilton of Bunch We Lunch With Pet Photography is like no other. No unnatural poses or sterile studios here; her motto is ‘as they are in the play yard’.  She has a unique talent for appreciating the individual personality of each dog […]

Is your dog smarter than a chimpanzee?

Anyone who has ever taken a Raising Rover class or private lesson has heard me talk about how dogs are masterful readers of body language. Recent studies reveal their ability to observe and interpret even our most subtle gestures surpasses that of our closest (and presumably highly intelligent) relative, the chimpanzee. The following is a clip […]

Rover’s gone missing? Top 5 tips for getting him home safe and sound.

Another dog was stolen last weekend while tied up outside a coffee shop. This is becoming an all too common occurrence; it’s the 6th one I’ve heard about in Toronto in the last 2 months. Add to that the number of dogs that go missing because someone left the gate open by mistake or a […]

Top 5 tips for a safe Halloween

In addition to being fun for kids (and kids at heart), Halloween means a special treat to zoo residents around the world where pumpkins are used for environmental enrichment.   These animals might be having fun but Halloween can be a stressful time for our pets at home. Here are the top 5 tips to make sure everyone […]

Kids & Dogs: Living Safely Ever After

  Kids + dogs = great combo, right?   Absolutely, but not without a little education and effort. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, out of nearly 1 million dog bites reported in the US each year, 60-70% are to children, and almost 80% of dogs involved were familiar (either the family […]

What’s REALLY for dinner: understanding dog food labels

If any good came of the tragedies that prompted the 2007 pet food recalls it’s that people became a little more discerning about what was going into Rover’s dish. Unfortunately pet food manufacturers don’t always make it easy to make good choices and many are just plain misleading. To identify a good quality food, you have […]

No Stress Nail Trimming

Judging by how many panic stricken stares I’ve seen at the mere mention of nail trimming, it seems there are quite a few of you out there who are terrified of traumatizing or even mutilating Rover in an attempt to trim his nails. But with the right approach the whole process can be a stress-free activity […]

How Cool is Your Dog? Top 5 Tips for Summer Safety

  1. Never leave Rover in a parked car. Not even with the windows open. On a mild summer day (22˚C), the interior of your car can reach almost 40˚C in just 10 minutes. Dogs can suffer brain damage, organ failure and death at body temperatures of 40˚C or higher. Be a responsible citizen; if […]

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